There were very few things I just knew when I found out I was pregnant. But at the time of seeing the stick with the two lines, I realized these things in rapid succession.

-I knew I was going to actually have a baby
-I knew I had to call my husband
-I knew I’d get an epidural
-I had to get at least one Patriots themed onesie (we ended up with three!)
-I knew that as soon as we had teeth, and a bite, that we’d be done with breastfeeding.

Well, over the last few weeks, Baby A has sprouted a set of teeth. She is a bit unorthodox about the way she got her teeth, but none-the-less, she has at the time of writing this, 4 teeth. It was only this week, however, that she decided to use her razors for pure evil, and she bit down during a morning feeding.

And now, every time she eats, all I can think of my cute, adorable baby, is this:

"I vant to suck your miiilk"

“I vant to suck your miiilk”

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that my initial reaction was to bop her on the head. I had no idea what to do, or how much it would hurt. It also made me realize that people who do this …

Nipple Piercings....nope. I'm good.

Nipple Piercings….nope. I’m good.

…really ought to have their heads examined.

I praise and commend women who continue to breast feed through the first year. I really do. I hope that people realize that the decisions I make for me and my baby are my decisions to make, and I’m making the decisions based on what works for me and my family. And I want to wear a real bra again. A real, supportive, honest to goodness bra that doesn’t need a pad to catch leaking milk. But I told Baby A on day one:

“We’re done when you bite me”, and I’d like to think that at the very least, she knows I’m good for my word. Even if she doesn’t really know what words are quite yet.


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