Last Post: New Blog

This blog was set up to document the trials and tribulations of incubating a small human. The events in the blog were solely my experiences and not at all something that every pregnant woman would go through. I wanted to write things down in an honest and humorous way, but also to keep a record of what it was like so I can look back and remember what it’s like being pregnant in the event I decide to do it again.

I might post a few more posts here, but since the pregnancy is over, I’m starting a new blog.

Letters to Little is going to be the new place to find me. This will primarily contain notes and letters to my daughter in the same style that I always write. Hopefully with honesty and humor, but always with a purpose.

I had hoped to write things down in a journal, but typing is faster. When someone is pooping or eating every 20 minutes, time is of the essence. It’s really a means of writing down things that I hope to share with Baby A as she grows up, and will likely not be of interest to anyone. However, I like to jot things down (especially since baby brain doesn’t go away!) and I want to make sure that she has something to look back on.

Feel free to swing by if you like. But for now, this blog will be closed down for business – unless we end up with another Little in the future, or a few “I wish I did X while pregnant” posts.

Thanks for following, and I hope to see you over at the new blog.


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