Introducing Babies to Existing Pets

Last year, I wrote a blog post on how to introduce the new baby to the pets that already live in the household. This can be a HUGE stress on potential parents. I did so because my day job as a dog trainer mixed with the Great Baby Boom of Charlestown, 2011, demanded I have something in place to have my students be able to easily access, and hopefully help them get some ideas to make the Big Transition better in the long run.

Olivia and “Finn” contemplate the rainy day. (Photo taken by Jennifer Brown Castro)

For any moms-to-be with pets, I tend to focus on dogs, but there are great resources in there that apply to cats and other critters in the home.

Also, I figure if I post it here, then I’ll be able to finally start reading up on some of the techniques and make things easier for menagerie.

The Menagerie (click for full size)

This is a typical morning in our household. One cat “hatching” the baby, the other asking for food, the Greyhound happy to have a space on the bed once the husband is up for his shower, and the Border Collie keeping the “herd” in place. I’m under there, somewhere….8 Months pregnant.

Anyway, here is the link – and I hope it helps!


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