9 Months: What I’m Going to Miss

So we’re at 9 months as of yesterday (yay!) and I’m met with some new feelings on the pregnancy thing. Up until month 7 or even 8, I hated being pregnant. I couldn’t stand it. I kept saying “I hate pregnancy. I will love her when she’s out, but I can’t wait for her to get out.” Between the overwhelming shopping, the throwing up for 5.5 months, not “feeling” pregnant until 7 months, really sharp back pain, and all of the other things I’ve complained about (and there is quite a list!), I just couldn’t deal with it and wanted it to be over from day one.

In the last couple weeks, I’ve really liked being pregnant, and I can’t say why. Yes, my back hurts, my feet are swelling, and sleeping is hard – but I expected all of that to be happening for awhile, and the fact that it’s all just hurting now is pretty amazing. My OB chalks it up to me being a dog walker and a dog trainer. My job is active, which keeps my muscles working, blood flowing, and me mentally engaged. I’ve been VERY fortunate in that I could continue to do my job throughout this entire journey.

I think that I’m really going to miss having a lumpy belly. The belly isn’t perfectly round – sometimes a leg will stick out, or the baby will shift to one side, leaving me lopsided for part of the day. I’m looking down now, and it looks like the top of an apple with a dent in the middle with two big lumps on either side of my belly button. She’s really shoved in there, and is running / has run out of space, so she’s moving around a lot more to get comfortable. I love showing my husband when she’s moving and shaking – he can see it from across the room. I’ve had students laugh at my belly when it starts rockin’ and rollin’ during a lecture.

She also gets the hiccups, which cracks me up. Very deliberate, on rhythm, little hiccups that last anywhere from 2-10 minutes. It’s the funniest thing.

That part, I think I’m really going to miss.


1 thought on “9 Months: What I’m Going to Miss

  1. Funny…that’s the part I missed too — the playing. We called the game “Foot”. It would poke out, and I would poke it, and it would pull back and reappear somewhere else. Playful always.

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