Help: Need Organization Tips

So, we officially had our baby shower last weekend, and have filled up the nursery with all sorts of stuff that we need – but now we have to organize it. We live in a small apartment. Technically, there is a closet that we can use, but it currently has our winter clothes / vacuum cleaner and some other assorted things in there.

Our options are to get a dresser to put her stuff in, but I’m afraid with the space, and my lack of sleep, that I’m going to whack into it on more than one occasion in the middle of the night. But, we’ll have storage space for her things – her many, many, many things she already has, and I won’t have to clean out the closet.

The other option is to clean out the closet, move all the winter things to another space, and use closet organizers/baskets until she’s older, or until we move to a place we own (currently we rent) where we’ll have a little more space for a dresser. I’m thinking once the crib is gone, we can move a dresser in there without much issue.

There is a bed for me and/or my husband for night time feedings/falling asleep without waking the other partner, which is something that was suggested to us, but it does take up a bit of space, hence my hesitation on getting a dresser in addition to the changing table, the crib, and a side table for a dim lamp.

Does anyone have any creative ideas for small spaces and organization?


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