People are Awesome

I’m stunned. Not that people aren’t inherently kind (that’s a debate for a different blogger), but that people are just giving us stuff that we need.

Our friend Adam, who married us last year, and his wife gave us all of their daughters stuff. They aren’t planning on more kids, and they have outgrown all of the stuff that would take a baby through the first year – so we don’t have to worry about a changing table, changing pad, Boppy, clothes, bottles, or a car seat that will get her through 6 months.

A group of people I went to high school with and their significant others (people that I’m really lucky if I see once a year – it really should be more, but I never get home anymore) got us a bunch of stuff that we still needed. Plus, one of the women and her husband have twins, so they happily dished out advice on diaper cream, baby carriers that worked for them, what didn’t work for them, and let us borrow some things that will make our lives easier.

My husbands parents gave us a crib – but not just any crib. My father in law’s FATHER built this crib for my father in law and other siblings. My husband and his sister used this crib 30+ years ago. Now, our little girl will get to be the 3rd generation in this crib. I figured everyone before who has used it happens to have all their fingers and thumbs, so it’s probably safe. They just don’t make things like they used to!

One of my places of employment have given us a few books, and really adorable clothes that are also really functional for newborns (Swaddlers and easy access one-sies that are stylin’).

Lastly, my family had a surprise shower and we got some great stuff there, too, which will absolutely be useful.

My husband and I are going to be brewing a couple batches of beer with some friends for a baby shower that will happen in July from our friends down here – we’re a non traditional group, so dudes and ladies will be in attendance, drinking our Brew, and just hanging out. I’m really looking forward to the social aspect of this shindig. I miss hanging out with people, and I should do that while I still can!

In all seriousness, the only three things were purchased so far have been a car (to be fair, we traded in two cars for one family friendly car, which should fit us, the baby and the two dogs…and it’s NOT a mini van!), a hamper for her room for all the clothes she’ll be puking on, and a spare bed that we’ve been meaning to get for awhile, to keep in her room for late night feedings/ eventually a spare bed for a house if we get that far.

Oh, and I think I’ll get her a hat. I’ve had my eye on one for awhile.

I’m just completely overwhelmed by the kindness of people – people I know really well, and people I don’t know as well at all, that are all trying to help us get a good head start on everything we will need for our new family member. It’s incredible, it’s sweet, and it’s so appreciated.

I feel so amazingly loved.


1 thought on “People are Awesome

  1. You deserve it. Good things happen to good people. Looking forward to the shower next week. And I’m all about recycling clothes. They outgrow everything so fast anyway. Loves to you, my dear Q!

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