Names (Redux)

This is actually not anything important: Just for my own safe keeping.

When we found out we were having a girl, I looked to my friends for Irish/Gaelic names that would go well with our last names. Here is what transpired on Facebook, which makes this my favorite comment thread ever. I just needed to document the hilarity and utter rediculousness of the thread so I can look back one day, and show my daughter that yes – Uncle Matt really DID suggest we name her Shenanigans. This is the abbreviated version. I took out all the “serious” name suggestions.

So far, my favorite name suggestion, courtesy of Matt R:
“Macayla Mackenzie McMikelson Jameson’s Irish Whiskey McCue McGrath ”
I guess you can’t get much more Irish than that…

    • John Dube Yessah you can. You gotta get Bailey’s in there somewhere. And perhaps Guiness.

    • Matt Blazek oh just call her Drunky McDrunkerson McCue McGrath… that’s Irish. And she’ll always know how she was conceived1 😉

    • Melissa McCue-McGrath ooooh- burn!

    • BJ Souther Kopishke What about Bono?

    • Matthew Kopishke Huh, I was going to suggest Sue, maybe McSue or O’Sue? 😛

    • Matt Blazek No I’m pretty Sure Brian is the father.

    • Matt Blazek Not Bono

    • Matt Blazek that was funnier when it appeared right under BJ’s post

    • Sophia DuBay Risley You need to add “McPotcheen” somewhere in there … then it’s complete.

    • Melissa McCue-McGrath Well Mc is “Son Of” so I thought you were going for the “Son of Sue” joke, which is also funny.

    • Matt Blazek Don’t name her Isolde… you’ll have this guy named Tristan constantly hanging her around

    • Matthew Kopishke I have no clue what I was going for, I’m German, we don’t “Mc” things…

    • Ken Mallon Just name her Potato and get it over with 😉

    • Melissa McCue-McGrath We could call her “Po” or “Tater” for short!

    • Malinda Reynolds Tater Tot?

    • Matt Blazek Name Her Potato McProtestant…. call her Tater McPoPo

    • Matt Blazek ugh, I should stop.. there will be such payback…

    • Matt Blazek oh oh oh oh !! call her SHENANIGANS!!!!!

    • Christian Hegg Connor McCleod

    • Melissa McCue-McGrath ‎*d’oh!*

    • Sophia DuBay Risley Tara. Just name her Tara, and all is well.

    • Matt Blazek Tara Mcgrath…. hmm say it in a low Irish accent and it sounds like an Irish cuss.

    • Richard M. Juang McCue, with all these names, clearly you have to start popping out the babies so you can use them all. Pop! Pop!

    • Paul Falcone Mojo!

    • Janet Martucci Mackenzie, isn’t that the name the Squires gave their little daughter? Have you decided she must have an M name? I am thinking S names, i am not sure why…Sandra, Sarah, Sadie, oh, that’s why, but you already have a sweet little Sadie…You know Ceilidh is pronounced Kaylee, that should confuse the hell out of everyone.

    • Judith K. Bogdanove Quinn Talia McCue-McGrath. Q.T. (Cutie) McCue for short.

    • Meag Brown Aw, you can get more Irish than that. Just use gaelic spellings and screw up her future teachers for life. Maire = “Moira,” Medb = “Maeve”, Eabha = “Eva”, etc.

    • Matt Blazek I’m surprised no ones said it yet… McLovin.

    • Stephanie Lynn McGrath I’m definitely staying out of this one!!!

    • Melissa McCue-McGrath That’s it. McLovin’ Mojo Potato McGrath. I think I might be able to sell Brian McGrath on that one….

    • Brian McGrath McLovin’ is a boy’s name… duh.

    • Mea Tavares I’m surprised Matt R. didn’t end with “holy shit the fucking moon”

    • Adam Garland I’ve got it. How about Monsignor O’Brian McGrath Highway

    • Adam Garland What? Noone else likes the name “Monsignor” for a girl?

    • Chris Kearney Jackie Butron McCue-Mcgrath? After Big Trouble in Little China?..I now regret posting that…

    • Susan Marckoon Jones Actually, Irish McGrath sounds like a possibility…


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