Coffee and the Breast Feeding Mom: (Psst: it’s GOOD news!)

I can’t get over how much I love the Offbeat Empire. When I got married last September, it was the Offbeat Bride site that nearly exclusively got us through our wedding. We were even featured in a Monday Montage (second photo down). Now that we are expecting a little bambino, I’ve been checking in from time to time on Offbeat Mama.

A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto: Taso de...

Yes, please! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After months of “don’t eat this; don’t eat that; you’re not eating enough; soft cheeses are bad for you; should you be switching to decaf?” paired with the glaring looks from people whenever I say out loud that I would kill a man for a Margarita, FINALLY some good news. If you are a Breastfeeding Mom, it turns out that caffeine won’t keep your baby awake. In fact,

It’s not clear why the infants’ sleep wasn’t affected. The babies might have developed a tolerance to caffeine while in the womb, Rodrigues says. But other studies have found no caffeine metabolites in the urine of babies whose mothers drink coffee, suggesting that the babies don’t absorb caffeine the way older children and adults do. The results were published in the journal Pediatrics.

I’m so awesomely stoked about this information – until a new study is published next year that says the exact opposite.

Now, about that Margarita study….


5 thoughts on “Coffee and the Breast Feeding Mom: (Psst: it’s GOOD news!)

  1. Oh thank you, I really needed some good news today. I was terrified at the idea of having to give up coffee when it comes time to breastfeed. My coffee is extra delicious now that I now I won’t be saying goodbye soon.

    • I just made myself a cuppa, which I was going to do as I do every morning, but it tastes EXTRA good this morning knowing I don’t have to give it up 🙂 Smile Paisley – some good news on a Monday!

  2. Oh yay! I have been sans caffeine since the beginning. Except for some iced tea occasionally. I was worried about drinking coffee again once Pebble pops out but now I’m not! Wheee!

    • My OB was awesome on the coffee front. She said I could have up to 200 mg of caffeine a day, which is basically a Medium Coffee. Trust me – I have been taking advantage of that, especially since Margaritas are on the No Fly list 🙂

      I told this to my sister yesterday, on her birthday, and she was thrilled. She ran straight to Dunks to get a Medium Coffee. Best Birthday Present Ever.

      How are you feeling by the way? You must be getting close!

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