Your Uterus does WHAT?!?

Ok, so we’ve all seen a pregnant lady before, unless you live in a box.

We know that the bulk of the weight is carried around in the midsection and it eventually looks like we’re carrying a basketball around under our shirts.


A few things I didn’t even CONSIDER before this adventure.

1. Your uterus, something that is usually the size of a human fist, takes up 2/3 of your torso. I just can’t get over that statistic. So instead of saying “I feel fat”, I’m going to start saying “I feel Uterine-y”. It might not catch on, but it does seem to fit the bill a little better.

Which leads to the next point:

2. Your other organs have to go somewhere. We all know that the belly gets bigger, but your spleen, intestines, liver, everything, gets shoved up into where your lung cavity used to be. Your stomach gets squashed into a tiny space (which has more implications later). Going up 6 steps will register you winded, even if you used to run marathons.

Here is an AMAZING visual/video as to what happens to the human body (mostly the internal organs) as the uterus expands.

3. You finally have those rock hard abs you’ve always dreamed of! Honestly, I just thought the belly area where the baby lives would be a soft, plush, doughy place of comfort made of fluff, soft, and last nights Haagen-daaz.


Instead, it feels like this:

Which makes bending over to put shoes on, or reach for anything below where my belly button used to be very, very, very challenging. I thought if I stayed physically fit (which I have) and stayed sort of limber (which I have not), then I’d get away from the whole “Babe? I sat on the couch and I can’t get up. Can you give me a push?”


When you bend over, this basketball literally hits your quads, and you are met with the resistance of – well, a basketball. That puts more pressure on the organs already fleeing for Yankee Country (anything north of the Mason Dixon Line, in this case, your diaphragm) to give a final push into whatever remaining space your lungs USED to take up. It’s all very odd. Plus, your center of gravity is a foot out from where it used to be, which makes using the abdominal muscles that are still somewhere, absolutely useless.




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