Don’t Take “Lists” Too Seriously

Pregnancy brain. I didn’t believe it until it happened, but it totally happens. You have a life form inside of you that takes your nutrition, your hydration, your entire lower torso, AND it tends to suck all the blood that would typically feed your brain, leading to some interestingly made up words, or situations that would probably not happen otherwise.

For instance, we are pushing up on 6 months and need to start getting things purchased, organized and ready for when our baby arrives. We’ve both been holding off on that for a number for reasons, but we really should get started. Part of our hesitation is that we don’t know what we really NEED. We decided to Google “List of things you need when you bring home a baby”. Every single list was created by some corporation that  conveniently sells all of the items on the list. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that a new mom on a budget does not NEED a Baby Hanging Harness.

For When you REALLY want to stick baby to the wall, and Duct Tape would land Social Services at your door

Baby Hanging Harness: It Exists.

We finally found a list that wasn’t trying to sell us anything, and brought up great points – such as when to discuss circumcision. Apparently, that discussion is supposed to happen around 6 months, right where we are.

I turned to my husband, and asked “So according to this list, we need to discuss circumcision. I don’t know your feelings on the matter, but I vote no.”

He blinked, and looked at me like I was proposing we move to another planet.

I repeated “I really don’t think we should – what do you think?”

“Melissa…..we’re having a daughter. A girl. I don’t think we should circumcise her, either.”

With all the excitement of finding a good list, all the attention given to The List, I totally forgot that we were having a girl.


6 thoughts on “Don’t Take “Lists” Too Seriously

  1. Ah yes, pregnancy brain. I have given up trying to do my job adequately at work, I just ask a lot of questions now. And I am glad you both feel that it is not necessary to circumcise your daughter. 🙂

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that, experienced a vicarious pregnancy, no not quite. But i decided no daughter of mine would be circumcised (clitoris removed, as i understand it) but a son maybe by a well recommended moile, never by a doctor in the hospital from what i saw on tapes, and would do the 8 days. Not saying it is necessary, but i have spoken to men who have had it done, for various reasons, as adults; more complicated but i quote one who said, the only difference he notices is when he looks down. And i took care of an older intact forskinned man who, well, i won’t trouble you with the details, but they are entirely different procedures, based on gender.
    Now, i must say, it is weird but i keep picturing a boy, but they know beyond the shadow of a doubt that Pele (present name) is indeed a girl? If so, i think she may take after your sister, kickboxing in there, having a grand old time.
    I too did not realize that at this stage the expectant’s expansion is so exponential (I too love to alliterate). Wow, mamaleh (little mama) and you are growing a human while you sleep, it’s so cute, i can picture her (for the sake of argument, probably is a girl).
    Gene Bryant’s daughter’s baby is ready to come out next month, she is, like her dad, real tall and very slender, but yet, there in front looks to be a very large kid. Good thing for stretch of muscles and skin. Are the dogs excited about the baby, curious at the development? A nurse i used to work with who doted on her great danes (she was tiny herself) read lots of book on introducing the new baby into the home, sending the clothes home with someone to let the dogs smell the baby, become familiar, etc. Then, i know lots of babies born right at home with the dogs running around, didn’t seemed too phased by it.
    The Natural Dentist, my favorite brand, makes orange and berry flavors, no metals or artificial colors nor flavors, good stuff, and effective too. Take care of those teeth while you are building bones. If the prenatal vitamins still bother you, honeychild, i say, go with your instincts. they are probably finer tuned that any professional recommendation of the day, or the hour. Also, rasberry leaf tea: not harmful, tonic for the uterus, and supposed to make birth easier and is rich in calcium. If you know unsprayed sources of rasberries get the leaves before the fruit appears. or else it is pretty cheap at health food stores, tastes milder than regular tea, no caffiene and easy to make, just steep like regular tea. Google search it if you want, it is good for you to add. take care of your teeth, you are making a couple of sets besides maintaining your own. You are doing beautifully and your offspring will all enjoy reading this one day as will nieces and nephews, present, and of the future.

  3. Melissa, thanks for sharing. Congrats again on the bambina! Not sure what is more absurd- the baby hanger itself or the image I had of someone *outside* the stall flicking both hooks up and over as a prank subsequently causing the little one topple to its death/dismemberment (at the very least injury) on the hideously disgusting floor of a public restroom. See you thursday.

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