And Today, My Coat Didn’t Fit

My husband, his parents and I went to dinner in Harvard Square for Easter weekend. We found a lovely place for drinks (for them) and some unique vegetarian options (for me).

When we arrived at the facility, I unzipped my jacket, and sat down for the dinner that was in our immediate future.

After dinner (dinner of which I took 1/2 home), after the check was paid, after everything – I went to put my jacket on, and it wouldn’t zip up.

Can you “pop” twice? Fitting into something one minute, and not 2 hours later is going to put a cramp in my spring wardrobe, especially considering in New England you need a winter coat and a tank top, often in the same afternoon.


4 thoughts on “And Today, My Coat Didn’t Fit

  1. I too am 6 months pregnant (our first) and I am at a complete loss when it comes to what to wear. I miss my wardrobe with a hungry passion and I fear my boobs may never return to their petite size and I will never fit into my clothes again.
    I have experienced the same situation where an article of clothing fits one moment and next thing I know I am struggling to breathe, zip, walk or re-situate accordingly. I knew I was going to get big but I really wasn’t prepared for preferring a bathrobe over normal clothes.

    • It’s SO strange! One minute, something fits, and the very next, it doesn’t. If someone said that to me before I got pregnant, I would have thought they were being hyperbolic, but it’s totally true!

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