Unexpected Things #7: Names

When I was younger, I thought I was going to be cool. Hip. I thought I was going to give any potential and future children I would have really unique names that would brand them as a unique snowflake.

High on the list? Phoenix Ophelia.  Don’t worry – I could have nicknamed her “Nicky” or “Nix” for short if she hated her name. She could have been a poet laureate or a rock star with a name like that.

Looking at it now, she might have been a rock star, or poet laureate, but I’m pretty sure more realistically, she would have grown up to have some psychiatrist tell her she has ‘Mommy Issues”.

Don’t laugh. I was in my 20’s. We all do things in our 20’s that we later regret. Other things I regret: The 7th Rum and Coke at Flat Top Johnny’s when I was 24, and going on a date with that guy I met at a Comic Book Signing in 2005.

Seriously. 7. I'm not proud.

I’m pretty sure even if I still thought this name was a good idea, there have to be two people on board with this name, and I’m confident that wouldn’t happen.

But the thing I DIDN’T expect ….and I mean AT ALL, was looking to the family tree for inspiration. I have always hated the idea of a boring name, a common name – and for good reason. I was one of three Melissa’s in a classroom of 25 students. To add more humor and commonality, we were all born in March.

Two of us on March 11th.
The other on March 7th.


So here we are, making our lists of names we like…

… and just as importantly, names we are automatically putting on the “no” list.

For instance, anything with a Mac, or Mak to start the name. Phonetically, it won’t work….Mackenzie McG? If you were to throw my maiden name in there, nothing with that prefix will work. Macaela McC-McG? That’s just cruel punishment, which is really too bad. I happen to really like the name Macaela. Even for a boy it’s just too alliterative, and this from someone who loves alliteration. Max McC-McG? As a result, I’m going out on a limb and guessing that most “M” names are just going to be disregarded, right off the bat.

I’m also going to interject, that as a person with the initials “MM”, I’ve heard my share of
“M & M” jokes and teasings. I won’t go so far as to say it was hell – but it was cheesy, and I just am not doing that to my kid.

Other names that are going to be vetoed:
Anything rhyming with Aiden, including Aiden.
Hooligan (you know, for a girl.)

Additionally, there are a couple of names that for no other reason can’t really be considered because they sound too similarly to my name, or my husbands name. Brianna definitely falls into this category. So does Alyssa and Lisa. I’m not particularly fond of all those names, but to have to strike them down because they sound too much like our names seems a bit unfair. Who knows – maybe it’s a blessing (whiddles the choices down), or it might be curse (whiddles the choices down).

But the names that I keep finding my way back to, the names I keep thinking more strongly of, were the names I never thought to look to – and even went so far as to completely write off at one point.

Even if they are traditional or common.

I TOTALLY didn’t see that coming.


1 thought on “Unexpected Things #7: Names

  1. Yes, that rum & coke. Remembered as well. Couldn’t even get help because all the males around us weren’t allowed in the bathroom…

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