Christmas With My Family

Over Christmas, we decided to tell just our immediate family and their partners. We were going to wait until after the ultrasound, but decided that our family should know, and they SHOULD be told in person. We were only at 6 weeks, so it was too soon for imaging, but the likelihood that we would see everyone to tell them in person in February was zero.

We started by telling my brother and his girlfriend, which was really fun. The next night, my sister and her boyfriend had a rather…..unique reaction to our news.

First, Heather got really excited – unbelievably excited – and then got speechless.

Then, she blurted out the words I didn’t expect to hear at all:

Me, Too.

So, it turns out, my sister and I are approximately 3 weeks apart.

Oh, and then we had to tell Dad the next day on Christmas that both of his daughters are pregnant. If you ever find yourself in this position, it’s best to have beer on hand, and a nurse. Fortunately, we had both of those things (thanks to our home-brew operation, and my brother’s choice in dating a really smart, medically capable woman)

Priorities first…we gave him a beer. We disclosed our news first, and he promptly sat down. After a couple of minutes of utter silence, my sister chimes in with the catch phrase of the evening:

Me, Too.

I’m pretty sure that’s as close to a heart attack that you can bring a grown man without actually producing a heart attack.

He looked to my brother, who was standing with his girlfriend. My brother just blurted out “Nope – we’re good!”.

I can say I expected many things. I expected my dad to be confused – I was the kid that no one would ever think would want children. I expected my sister to be excited. I did NOT expect to be the one shocked and awed at Christmas with the same news we were doling out.

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